Chelsea Manalo Labeled as ‘Dark Choco’ of Milk Tea Shop

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 winner Chelsea Manalo earned the moniker “Dark Choco” from a local milk tea shop.

BigBrew Main, a local milk tea shop, celebrated the victory of the newly crowned beauty queen by somehow linking her complexion to the flavor of their milk tea.

Milk Tea Shop Apologizes for Dark Chocolate Post About MUPH Chelsea Manalo

Dark Chocolate post from a milk tea shop about MUPH Chelsea Manalo earns criticism

BIGBREW MAIN – A milk tea shop issued an apology for their “insensitive” post about Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Chelsea Manalo.

The Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant recently took place at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay. Chelsea Manalo from Bulacan was crowned the winner. The 1st Runner-up was from Cainta, the 2nd Runner-up from Quezon Province, the 3rd Runner-up from Baguio, and the 4th Runner-up from Taguig.

Additional titles were awarded in other categories: Alexie Brooks from Iloilo won Miss Eco International Philippines 2024, Ahtisa Manalo from Quezon Province was named Miss Cosmo Philippines 2024, Justine Tarah Mae Valencia from Baguio was crowned Miss Supranational Philippines 2024, and Cyrille Payumo from Pampanga received the Miss Charm Philippines 2024 title.

The passing of the crown at the Miss Universe Philippines pageant is a highly anticipated and celebrated event. However, during the 2024 coronation, a humorous moment occurred when reigning queen Michelle Dee struggled to place the crown on Chelsea Manalo’s head due to Chelsea’s hair being in a bun. Chelsea briefly balanced the crown before Michelle managed to secure it properly.

One of those who poked fun at the candid moment was a milk tea shop named BigBrew. On Facebook, the milk tea shop posted, in a now-deleted post, an association between the newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines and the Dark Chocolate flavor of milk tea.

The milk tea shop received mixed reactions and criticism from netizens, especially those who have been supporting Chelsea since day one. This prompted them to issue an apology. In a post, they explained that they deleted the post as a sign of realization and regret.

BigBrew Main promised not to repeat such insensitive actions again and to be more careful next time.

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