Andi Eigenmann Posts Cryptic Message Amid Philmar Alipayo’s Issue

Actress Andi Eigenmann took to social media, where she posted a cryptic message amid the issue involving her partner, Philmar Alipayo.

The surfer and Andi’s partner made headlines after a video of him talking with another girl went viral online, prompting allegations from netizens.

Andi Eigenmann Reacts to Viral Video of Philmar Alipayo Talking with Another Girl

Andi Eigenmann shares her thoughts on a viral video of her partner with another girl

ANDI EIGENMANN – The partner of surfer Philmar Alipayo has reacted to a viral video of him talking with another girl.

Philmar, the partner of Andi and a professional surfer based in Siargao, is currently making rounds online due to a video of him talking with another girl. In the video, Philmar, who was shirtless at the time, can be seen talking with TikTok content creator-entrepreneur Crissa Liaging. Philmar occasionally raises his arm and even touches the arm of the woman at one point.

Netizens have advised Crissa to distance herself from Philmar, especially since he and Andi have children together. This has led netizens to question if Andi and Philmar are still okay.

Crissa has broken her silence regarding the issue, asking people not to misinterpret her conversation with Philmar, as she is nowhere near as beautiful as Andi. “Ayaw ninyo butangi ug issue ang pag storya namong philmar wala rata ka kumingking sa ka gwapa ni andi!” she said.

Recently, Andi Eigenmann took to her Instagram Stories to react to the viral video of her partner Philmar Alipayo talking with another girl. “He can go out with his friends, go drinking every once in a while, and chat with whoever he wants. No harm in that. What ‘s shameful is purposely posting and editing a video to cause a stir, disturbing the peace of people and dragging them into their negativity; just for some social media attention,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Andi started her relationship with Philmar in 2018. She gave birth to their first child, Lilo, on July 23, 2019. In August 2020, Eigenmann announced she was expecting their second child, a boy, who was revealed in December. The couple got engaged on December 20, 2020. Their son, Koa, was born on January 17, 2021, and Andi shared the news on Instagram two days later. The family now lives in Siargao.

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