‘Alice Guo’ Visits It’s Showtime

Look-alike of Alice Guo on It’s Showtime

ALICE GUO LOOK-ALIKE – A woman who looks like the controversial mayor of Bamban, Tarlac, captured the attention of the audience and It’s Showtime hosts.

This happened during a segment of “Karaokids” on “It’s Showtime” when Vice Ganda noticed the woman, who was dressed in black and wearing glasses, and called her out during the live show.

Although the woman didn’t respond initially, Vice approached her, making jokes and referencing her resemblance to the mayor. “Gusto muna nating i-acknowledge ang presence… excuse me,” Vice Ganda quipped. “Mayor, thank you so much for gracing our show,” he added. “Hindi siya ‘yan!” teased Tyang Amy Perez and other hosts.

“Buti na lang naalala mo ang daan papunta rito,” Vice said in jest. “Dito kasi siya nag-aral. Nasaan na si Teacher Rubilyn?” The woman replied, “Hindi ko na po maalala.” Vice Ganda added, “Saan ba talaga nakatira si Teacher Rubilyn?”

“Your honor, hindi ko na po maalala,” the woman answered, making the audience in the studio laugh. “Bigla ka na lang nandito ah, nag-chopper ka?” the TV host jokingly asked, making the woman, one of the staff of the noontime show, laugh.

The interaction led to laughter from the studio audience and became a trending topic on social media platform X. The woman turned out to be one of the show’s staff members, and the amusing mix-up was enjoyed by viewers, adding to the show’s lively atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Alice Guo is the mayor of Bamban, Tarlac, a position she has held since June 30, 2022. A businesswoman-turned-politician, she ran as an independent candidate and won the 2022 election. Guo’s early life details are murky, with disputed accounts of her birthplace and upbringing. Raised on a pig farm, she claims to have been homeschooled. Guo’s administration has focused on local community projects, but her tenure is marred by allegations of links to illegal activities involving Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) and questions about her citizenship.

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