Young Boy Overjoyed After Receiving Free Face Paint at Birthday Party

Young Boy Expresses Immense Joy After Receiving Free Face Paint at Birthday Party

The heartwarming video of a young boy who was overjoyed after receiving free face paint on a birthday party goes viral.

Recently, the Facebook page ‘Lucky Me’ shared a video of a young boy, who, despite being shy and without money, was happy after having their face painted. The post elicited reactions from the online community.

In the video, the child patiently waited in line at the painting booth, watching as each kid ahead of them got their turn. When it was finally their turn, the child hesitantly asked if there was a fee for the face paint.

Young Boy

“He waited for all of the kids in line na matapos lagyan ng face paints then he asked me ‘may bayad po?’ after I told him na it’s free and it’s really meant for them,” the personnel said.

Upon learning that it was free and meant for them, their face lit up with happiness. The booth attendant reassured the child that there was no charge and that the face-painting service was entirely complimentary.

Without hesitation, the child eagerly chose to have a ‘Spiderman’ design painted on their face, reveling in the excitement of the moment.

It was later revealed that the face painting booth was part of a package deal for the birthday party, where all the invited children could enjoy getting their desired face paints without any individual payment required.

“Wala po talaga individual payment because I’m working with a team and it’s within the package wherein regardless how many kids were invited in the said event ay magkakaroon ng desire facepaints nila. Thank you, Team MAGICKEVS,” the personnel added.

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The video has caption:

“Batang walang pera at mahiyain, pumila sa dulo ng face painting booth sa pag-aakalang may bayad ang pagpapaface paint sa isang bday party. Labis ang tuwa nang mapintahan ang mukha. Ngayon ay pinapahanap ni Meme Vice para tulungan. “

The internet users expressed their reactions to the heartwarming video:

Young Boy

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