Viy Cortez Gives a Brand-New Car to a Delivery Rider

Delivery rider receives a brand-new car from Viy Cortez

VIY CORTEZ – The social media personality gave a brand-new car to a delivery rider.

Viy Cortez’s latest video on YouTube, titled “Ahente” or “Agent,” has received lots of praise from online viewers. It was posted on Monday, April 15, and showed Viy returning from her job as an agent at Toyota, which her audience found entertaining.

But what surprised viewers was when Viy gave a brand-new car to a delivery rider named Erickson who had come to the store. By the end of the video, the delivery rider was visibly moved when Viy told him the car was now his.

“Bakit ako ma’am?” the delivery rider asked. “Will yan ni Lord, kuya. Di ko din alam pano mamimili (ng pagbibigyan ng sasakyan). Pero tignan mo naman ang tadhana,” the CEO of Viyline Cosmetics said.

This act of kindness sparked an outpouring of compliments and positive comments from many people on social media. They admired Viy’s sincerity and appreciated that she didn’t resort to flashy or misleading tactics to gain attention. They also admired how Viy helped ordinary workers like the delivery rider, showing that despite her success, she remains down-to-earth.

Meanwhile, Viy Cortez is a businesswoman, vlogger, and social media artist. She has gained significant popularity through her YouTube channel, which she started in 2017. Viy initially gained visibility through her appearances in videos featuring her fiancé, Cong TV, before launching her own channel.

Over the years, Viy has established herself as a successful businesswoman, having set up her own company. She is known for her engaging content on social media platforms, particularly YouTube, where she shares vlogs, comedic skits, and other entertaining content.

Viy Cortez’s online presence has garnered her a substantial following, with millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel and hundreds of millions of views on her videos. She is recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit, comedic talent, and relatable personality, making her a prominent figure in the Filipino online community.

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