Rica Peralejo Confesses She Had a “No Label” Relationship With Piolo Pascual in the Past

Rica Peralejo opens up about her past relationship with Piolo Pascual

RICA PERALEJO – The former actress confessed that she had a “no label” relationship with Piolo Pascual in the past.

During an interview on the GMA show Fast Talk with Boy Abunda, the host asked her about the rumors regarding her and Piolo. “When you talked about PJ (Piolo), you were discussing settling down but there wasn’t a formal relationship. My reaction was, ‘What’s that?’” Tito Boy asked.

Rica admitted she wasn’t sure about her relationship with Piolo before. But now, she says there’s no problem because they’ve both grown up, and their connection has matured to a point where they don’t need to stress or argue about it anymore.

Rica Peralejo

She described to the host how she and Piolo behaved like a couple, and there were talks, although not very direct, about the possibility of settling down together. Like any other couple, they pondered the idea.

Rica Peralejo

“Pero he never naman promised. I never naman really said na I wanted this. It was just something that we entertained. It never got to that point and we never labeled our relationship. But it was very, very good naman what we had together,” she said.

According to Rica, what mattered most was their love for each other, even without officially defining their relationship. “I think it was very obvious that we liked each other. We loved each other but we were like more friends really na ‘yung we just like to be together a lot.” she noted.

Rica Peralejo is a Filipina actress, television host, and former singer. She gained popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s through her roles in various Filipino television dramas and movies. Peralejo also ventured into music, releasing albums in the early 2000s.

Watch her interview in the video provided below:

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