Kylie Versoza On Why She Can’t Stay Friends W/ Former Boyfriend

Kylie Versoza Shares Why She Can’t Stay Friends W/ Ex-boyfriend

KYLIE VERSOZA – Actress and beauty queen Kylie Versoza explained why she can’t stay friends with her former partner.

Kylie Verzosa and Jake Cuenca were once in a relationship that garnered considerable public attention. They frequently shared their intimate moments on social media, even revealing that they lived together when the pandemic began.

However, they eventually parted ways, experiencing emotional turmoil in the process. Jake has since moved on and is now in a relationship with actress Chie Filomeno.

Kylie Verzosa

In a recent interview on talent manager and showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz’s YouTube channel, Kylie shared her perspective on maintaining friendships with former romantic partners. She expressed her belief that it’s generally inappropriate to remain friends with an ex, especially after a long-term relationship.

Kylie emphasized the importance of respecting both one’s current partner and the new partner of the ex. While she acknowledged the possibility of maintaining civility and harboring no ill will towards an ex, she found the concept of remaining friends with them to be unusual.

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Kylie Verzosa clarified that while being polite is acceptable, maintaining a friendship may not be necessary, particularly in cases of lengthy and serious relationships that involve future plans.

 “I don’t believe exes should be friends. Respeto rin sa bago mong partner at sa bago niyang partner.

“You can be civil, pero ‘yung nakikipag-usap ka ng, ‘Hi, how are you? How are you?’ To me, medyo weird ‘yun.

“You can be civil. You don’t have any bad feelings towards each other, but I don’t think there should still be a friendship. Kasi bakit pa?”

“If it’s a quick relationship, sure, you can be friends. Why not? But if it’s a long [and] committed relationship, and about the future, then no,” Kylie explained.

Watch the video below (19:42 hit mark):

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