Kiray Celis Got Married to Her Non-showbiz Boyfriend in Taiwan?

Kiray Celis and boyfriend Stephan Estophia allegedly tied the knot

KIRAY CELIS – It seems that netizens didn’t buy the comedian’s post claiming she got married to her non-showbiz boyfriend, Stephan Estophia, in Taiwan.

Johanna Ismael Celis, popularly known as Kiray, is an actress, comedian, entrepreneur, and vlogger. She first gained recognition at the age of 3 when she joined the contest “Muntíng Miss U” on the show “Magandang Tanghali Bayan.” Subsequently, she became the youngest cast member of the show. Her debut in movies began with a role in “Pera o Bayong” alongside the entire cast of “MTB.”

In 2005, Kiray became part of the cast of the children’s gag show “Goin’ Bulilit,” where she showcased her comedic skills until her graduation in 2009. She then appeared in various television series, including “Mara Clara,” “Growing Up,” and “Luv U,” among others. Her talent and versatility in acting led her to be recognized as a prominent figure in the Philippine entertainment industry.

After being with ABS-CBN for 19 years, Kiray transferred to GMA Network in 2018, signing a contract with GMA Artist Center (now Sparkle). She joined the cast of the rom-com series “Love You Two,” starring Jennylyn Mercado and Gabby Concepcion.

Apparently, it seems that netizens didn’t buy comedian Kiray Celis’s post claiming she got married to her non-showbiz boyfriend, Stephan Estophia, in Taiwan. “We got married in Taiwan 🤍 #PHANhabangbuhaykosiKIRAY #OneSTEPHclosertoKIRAY #KirayStephOnToTheNextLevel,” Kiray captioned her post.

However, based on the video, it appears to have been a joke, especially since they were with social media personality Christian Antolin. The post earned skepticism and amusement, suggesting that the announcement may be a joke, especially given the timing on April Fool’s Day.

Meanwhile, April Fools’ Day, celebrated on April 1st each year, is a day dedicated to playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. It is observed in various countries around the world, where people engage in pranks, trickery, and humorous activities. On this day, individuals often play light-hearted jokes on friends, family members, and colleagues, aiming to fool them into believing something false or surprising.

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