Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo Hold Movie Presscon Inside Moving Bus

While on board a moving bus, Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo held a presscon

HEAVEN PERALEJO AND MARCO GALLO – The stars of “Men Are From Quezon City, Women Are From Alabang” held a press conference inside a moving bus ‘from QC to Alabang.’

Viva Entertainment provided a large private bus for the invited press members to travel from Quezon City to Alabang, where the movie’s media conference was scheduled to take place. The twist came when Heaven and Marco, along with the media, embarked on the bus journey and engaged in a spirited “Truth Or Dare” challenge, answering intriguing questions along the way.

During the event, Heaven and Marco shared their experiences of commuting, recalling memorable moments while using public transportation. Marco fondly remembered his early days in showbiz when he regularly commuted via the MRT from Ayala Station in Makati City to GMA 7 Kamuning Station in Quezon City. He enjoyed the short 20-minute commute, which ensured he was never late for his commitments. Heaven reminisced about riding buses with her father near Megamall when they traveled home to Bulacan. Despite the queues, she enjoyed the commute and had also tried riding jeeps and tricycles.

Both Heaven and Marco emphasized their willingness to use public transportation when necessary, with Heaven even mentioning her tricycle rides during vacations in Siargao. They also recounted instances of accidental bumps and jostles while commuting, considering it a normal part of the experience.

The press conference tied into the theme of their upcoming movie, which revolves around two people who form a relationship despite living far apart in Quezon City and Alabang. Adapted from Stanley Chi’s best-selling book of the same title, the film delves into the challenges faced by the couple regarding growth, commitment, security, and the distance between their homes.

The story follows the love journey of Tino (played by Marco) and Aica (played by Heaven) from their respective perspectives. Despite their differences and the obstacles they encounter, they find themselves drawn to each other and strive to maintain their relationship amidst the demands of their jobs.

However, when Tino changes jobs, their relationship faces significant challenges. The distance between them increases, responsibilities mount at work, and finding time to meet becomes increasingly difficult. As the movie unfolds, it explores whether their relationship can withstand the emotional and time constraints or if they are destined to drift apart.

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