Foreign Vlogger Overcharged by Tricycle Driver Elicits Reactions Online

Tricycle Driver Criticized for Overcharging a Foreign Vlogger

OVERCHARGING – A foreign vlogger has expressed his disappointment after being charged P1,000 for a tricycle ride.

Saygin Lost, a Facebook user, shared a video capturing the moment a tricycle driver demanded an excessively-high fare from a foreign passenger. The post quickly went viral, eliciting various reactions online.

In the video, the foreign vlogger expresses shock and disbelief at the P1,000 fare demanded by the tricycle driver. The incident took place in Chinatown, Manila, where the vlogger was exploring the marketplace scene.

Foreign Vlogger

“This little rat claims I offered him 1000 pesos for a ride. That is absolutely a lie. why should I do this?”  the vlogger said.

However, negotiations turned sour when the tricycle driver insisted on the inflated fare.

“I still gave him 200 pesos But he didn’t want to accept it and asked for 250 pesos. I then gave 250 pesos and you couldn’t miss his grin. I felt scammed and uploaded it,” he added.

The video drew attention to the issue of overcharging and exploitation of foreigners by some tricycle drivers in Manila.

Many netizens expressed outrage at the tricycle driver’s actions, criticizing him for taking advantage of a tourist.

Foreign Vlogger

The online community condemned the driver’s behavior and called for fair and transparent pricing practices. Some social media users emphasize the importance of protecting tourists from such scams to maintain the country’s reputation.

The Internet users emphasized the need for both passengers and drivers to engage in open and honest communication to avoid misunderstandings.

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Here is the full post:

“Tricycle Driver Scammed Me In Manila

Hop on for a wild ride through Chinatown, where I’m vibing with a tricycle driver trying to hit up a sick marketplace vibe. But dang, negotiations go sideways and I get straight-up scammed. *The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious”

The netizens expressed their reactions to the video:

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