Chiz Escudero Admits He’s the Owner of Vehicle Caught in EDSA Busway; Senator Apologizes

Chiz Escudero apologizes after his vehicle was caught in the EDSA busway

CHIZ ESCUDERO – The senator issued a public apology on Friday following the apprehension of his vehicle, which bore a protocol plate for senators, on April 11 for unauthorized use of the EDSA Busway.

However, he clarified that he personally does not utilize the protocol license plate, and the vehicle was being driven by the “driver of a family member” at the time of the incident.

On April 11, 2024, Chiz Escudero’s vehicle, which had license plates registered to him, was caught by the MMDA for misusing the Edsa bus lane. He explained that the unauthorized use occurred because the vehicle was being driven by a family member’s driver. Escudero emphasized that he personally doesn’t use such protocol plates and promised to surrender them to the Land Transportation Office.

The senator mentioned that in response to the incident, he has instructed the driver to appear before the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to respond to the show-cause order issued and to address the charges arising from the violation.

“I apologize to the public and my colleagues in the Senate for this oversight. Moving forward, I commit to ensure that the protocol plates entrusted to me are used appropriately, consistent with the provisions of Executive Order No. 56, s. 2024,” he affirmed, referring to President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s recent order regulating the issuance of protocol plates to government officials.

Earlier, traffic authorities apprehended vehicles with “7” and “8” protocol license plates for utilizing the EDSA busway. However, the violators, including the car with the “7” protocol plate, fled after being caught.

Apparently, Chiz Escudero did not provide further details regarding whether he was inside the vehicle at the time of the apprehension.

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