Bride Arrives at Her Wedding Venue on a Boat

On a boat, the bride arrives at her wedding venue

WEDDING ENTRANCE – A bride made a unique grand entrance by arriving at her wedding venue on a boat.

Weddings, both now and then, signify a joyous celebration of love and commitment, yet they have evolved considerably in their expression and execution. Historically, weddings were often viewed as strategic alliances between families, with many traditions emphasizing this communal and economic aspect. The ceremonies were typically more formulaic, adhering strictly to cultural and religious norms.

In contrast, contemporary weddings increasingly reflect personal tastes and individual values. Modern couples often prioritize unique, personalized experiences, showcasing their personalities through choices in venue, décor, and vows. Technology has also transformed weddings, with digital invitations, live-streaming services, and social media updates becoming part of the norm.

Despite these changes, the essence of weddings as a pivotal moment of union and celebration remains steadfast, bridging the past and present with vows of future commitment. This blend of tradition and innovation ensures that each wedding, while potentially differing vastly in appearance and feel, holds a central core of shared joy and hope.

Speaking of which, a bride made a unique grand entrance by arriving at her wedding venue on a boat. The wedding was held on an island in Panglao, Bohol, which she described as her dream wedding. In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Lai Balderrama–Endozo shared that it felt incredibly surreal to stand in her wedding gown on the boat as it made its way to the venue.

Not only Lai, but the guests also took a boat ride to witness the exchange of wedding vows between her and her then-groom, now husband, Geff. The reactions of the guests to arriving at the venue by boat varied; some were excited, while others were surprised. They had not expected this.

Lai also designed her own wedding gown, her husband’s suit, and the entire entourage’s attire. From a young age, Lai had dreamed of designing her own wedding dress when she got married. Before the beach wedding, the couple had a church wedding. Lai expressed her happiness that everything turned out to be “worth it.”

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