Lady Student Goes Viral for Leaving Jeep Without Being Over Vehicle’s Ceiling

Lady Student Turns Heads by Standing Tall Inside Jeepney

A lady student goes viral online and elicited comments online for leaving the jeepney without bending over vehicle’s ceiling.

A 22-year-old TikTok user named Jelly Rose Navaja from Baguio City recently caught the attention of netizens with a video showcasing her unusual exit from a jeepney on February 8, 2024.

The lady student shared her unexpected experience that capture the attention of the online community.

Lady Student

Navaja recounted that she was on her way home from school with her friends when she noticed something weird about the jeepney they were riding, it had an unusually high ceiling.

Standing at a height of only four feet and seven inches, she found herself observing whether she could stand upright inside the vehicle as they prepared to leave.

“Napansin ko po na parang ang taas ng ceiling ng jeep, so ako tantyang tantya ko yung height at yung sukat nung jeep, so sinabi ko po yun sa mga kaibigan ko,” Navaja shared.

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“Ayaw po nilang maniwala sa’kin na kaya kong tumayo sa jeep kaya sinabi ko, i-video n’yo ako para maniwala kayo at syempre para rin po makita ko rin,” she continued.

Navaja revealed that the jeepneys in their area tend to be larger than usual, which made it feasible for her to perform the unusual feat due to her petite stature.

“Kapag nakakasakay ako sa mga jeep dito sa Baguio at papuntang school, La Trinidad, nakakasakay po talaga ako ng ganitong jeep na malaki at mataas ang ceiling,” Navaja explained.

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“Dito po kasi sa Benguet, normal lang po sa’min ang mga ganung jeep, yung malaki at mataas talaga ang ceiling para sa’kin na maliit,” she added.

The online community expressed their reactions to the video:

Lady Student

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