Group of Friends Creates Organized Gossip Topics Through “Chismis List”

Group of Friends Turn Gossip into Organized Fun w/ “Chismis List” in Caloocan City

A group of friends took their gossip sessions to the next level by creating a highly organized “chismis” checklist.

On March 17, 2024, a TikTok user jaminxx or Jamin Lorenzo shared a video of her friends, Claire Joyce and Robie, who came prepared with a list of juicy topics they wanted to share. The video went viral and garnered various reactions on social media.

According to Lorenzo, her friends visited her specifically to share their stories in person. To her surprise, Robie whipped out a checklist, and Claire began sharing her gossip in a structured order.

Group of Friends

Even though they were together almost every day, before they met up, her friend Robie messaged her that she had a lot to tell. So, she just gathered all the gossip for one day

“Halos araw-araw po kami magkakasama, pero nung before po kam i magkita, nag-chat na po siya sa akin na marami siyang ikukwento. So ayun po, pang isang araw lang po talaga yung mga naipon niyang chismis,” Lorenzo said.

Lorenzo found the organized approach to gossip quite entertaining. She realized that such a method made it easier to share stories without forgetting any details and ensured a smooth flow of conversation.

However, she couldn’t help but find the situation hilarious, likening it to reporting to school.

“Na-realize ko po na parang mas okay nga yung ganoong chismisan since naka-ready na para hindi mahirapan magkwento kasi may flow na saka walang makakalimutan, pero nakakatawa po talaga kasi parang reporting sa school yung atake,” she added.

While gossip may often be seen as idle chatter, the “chismis list” turned into a fun and organized activity, bringing friends closer together. The group found humor and enjoyment in their organized gossip session.

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