Fur Mom Seeks Justice After Pet Shop Shaved Her Shih Tzu

Fur Mom Expresses Disappointment Over Shih Tzu’s Unwanted Makeover

A fur mom is seeking justice for her beloved Shih Tzu, Cherry after a pet shop left her semibald despite her request.

A pet shop is a retail establishment that sells a variety of pets, pet supplies, and accessories. These shops often provide a range of products and services catering to different types of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals like hamsters and rabbits, reptiles, and more.

In addition to selling pets, pet shops may offer grooming services, pet boarding, training classes, and veterinary care.

Fur Mom

Recently, Rose Ann Guatno, a Facebook user, shared her complaint against a pet shop named Furry Tails SM North Branch. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and garnered reactions from the online community.

In the post, Guatno recounted how she entrusted her furry companion to them, only to find Cherry drastically altered against her wishes. She spends money expecting her dog to be taken care of, but her fur baby only becomes bald.

Guatno expressed her frustration at the lack of communication from the pet shop regarding the grooming procedure. As a new fur mom, she expected transparency and clarity but was left disappointed by the outcome.

Fur Mom

Rose Ann is hoping that the pet shop will properly explain the procedure.

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Here is the full post:

“I barely posted something here on my socials just to protect my peace of mind. Shout out saiyo Furry Tails Sm North Branch anong ginawa mo sa Baby ko. Cherry was my baby Shih Tsu but look at her. Saan ka nman nakakita gumastos ka expecting na aalagaan yung aso mo ending kinalbo.

Sana lahat ng gagawin nyo sa mga babies nmin sana iniexplain nyo sa amin. Tulad ko na bagong fur mom anong malay ko kung ano yung sinasabi nyong semi semi. Akala ko semi treatment na lang gagawin nyo kasi gahol sa oras. Ending pag sundo ko sa baby ko kalbo na umayos kayo”

The internet users expressed their reactions to the incident, with some advising Guatno to communicate clearly with the pet shop to avoid similar incidents in the future.

As of writing, Furry Tails SM North Branch has yet to respond to the complaint from their customer, leaving the situation unresolved.

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