Coco Martin Reveals Premonitions On Late Actress Jaclyn Jose’s Farewell

Coco Martin Unveils Premonitions of Jaclyn Jose’s Departure

COCO MARTIN – Kapamilya actor Coco Martin said he had premonitions about multi-awarded actress Jaclyn Jose.

Coco Martin was among the first celebrities who hurried to Jaclyn Jose’s residence upon receiving a call from Jose’s older sister, Veronica Jones. To this day, Martin remains in disbelief over Jose’s passing.

He described the atmosphere on the set of “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” as solemn, with a palpable sense of emptiness due to the absence of Dolores Espinas, Jose’s character in the primetime series.

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According to Coco, there were indications and premonitions that Jaclyn was bidding farewell. In one of her last scenes filmed last Wednesday, where she was supposed to deliver a stern goodbye to Ivana Alawi’s character, Jose unexpectedly portrayed it as if Alawi were her daughter, shedding tears.

Coco and the assistant director requested a retake with fewer tears, and Jose explained that it felt like the characters were slowly disappearing from their confinement.

“Kasi parang isa-isa nang nawawala yung mga character sa kulungan eh.”

Recalling his final farewell with Jose, Coco noted that the hugs and “I-love-yous” felt different. Together with the ‘Batang Quiapo’ cast, he went to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival, unaware of the tragedy that had occurred.

“Pagdating ko pa lang ng Baguio, kinukuwento ko na siya kay Cherry Pie. Pie alam mo pinagkukuwentuhan namin ni Mommy Jane si Ma’m Charito Solis, sina FPJ. Tapos yung gabi after ng show sa Baguio, siya pa rin yung pinagkukuwentuhan namin. Yun pala, hindi namin alam may nangyari na pala.”

Coco learned of Jose’s passing on March 3, rushing to her home with Cherry Pie at 7 PM, expressing their shock at the unexpected turn of events.

“Pumunta kami agad ni Cherry Pie sa bahay niya. Seven PM, nandun na kami sa labas. Siyempre nagulat talaga lahat kami. Hindi namin inaasahan na mangyayari ito.”


Coco Martin credited Jaclyn Jose for his current success, acknowledging her pivotal role in his journey at ABS-CBN, from their first indie movie together, ‘Masahista,’ to convincing him to enter the realm of television.

“Utang na loob ko lahat kay Mommy Jane. Siya ang dahilan kung bakit ako nandito sa ABS-CBN. Kung bakit lahat nangyari sa buhay ko. Siya ang kasama ko sa kauna-unahang indie movie ko na ‘Masahista’. Siya ang nag-convince sa akin na pumasok sa TV, sa ABS-CBN,” Coco revealed.

Taking charge of creating a beautiful sea of flowers at Jose’s wake, Martin emotionally spoke during the ABS-CBN and “Batang Quiapo” night, expressing his admiration for Jose’s love for her children, Andi and Gwen.

As for the future of Chief Dolores Espinas’s character in the series, Martin admitted uncertainty, stating that the entire team remains devastated and in disbelief about the tragic loss.

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