Some Students Who Were Helped by a Teacher to Have a Laptop Have Graduated

Teacher’s “Laptop para sa Pangarap” program aided students in graduating

ILIGAN – Teacher Melanie Reyes Figueroa from Iligan embarked on a noble mission to provide a laptop for her students, and her initiative bore fruit as several of her beneficiaries have now graduated.

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic when classes shifted online, Teacher Melanie devised a plan to assist deserving students without laptops. She shared their stories online, quickly garnering sponsors. Within five days, she purchased the first laptop, naming the initiative “Laptop para sa Pangarap.”

Mark Maata, one of the students aided by Teacher Melanie, is now a graduating student. He recalled how he didn’t have the means to purchase a laptop and was even considering borrowing money for it.

Another student, Casandra Capampangan, who also received assistance from Teacher Melanie, has now earned her degree. Capampangan expressed her gratitude for the help she received, especially the laptop provided by Teacher Melanie, which alleviated her struggles during online classes when she only had a cellphone.

Over two years, Teacher Melanie, with the help of generous individuals, has provided nine laptops to deserving students. She firmly believes in their capabilities and stresses the importance of supporting young people with such potential.

Teacher Melanie is determined to continue her benevolent work, urging others not to break the cycle of giving and sharing. She encourages her students to help others once they’re in a position to do so, ensuring the continuation of kindness and generosity.

Teacher Melanie’s story exemplifies the profound impact educators can have beyond the classroom. Through her dedication and initiative, she has not only empowered her students but also instilled in them the values of empathy and altruism, setting them on a path of giving back to their communities.

“Huwag nating putulin ‘yung cycle. Madalas kong sabihin sa kanila, kapag nasa sitwasyon ka na na puwede ka nang makatulong in any way, gawin nila para magpatuloy ‘yung giving and sharing,” she told GMA News.

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