Sarah Geronimo and Mommy Divine Have Reconciled?

Sarah Geronimo and Mommy Divine Are Alleged to Have Patched Things Up

SARAH GERONIMO and MOMMY DIVINE – The Popstar Royalty and her mom are reported to have reconciled.

The relationship between Sarah Geronimo and her mother, Divine Geronimo, has been subject to public speculation and scrutiny over the years. Their relationship has been described as complex, with various reports and rumors circulating about conflicts and disagreements between them.

In the past, there have been instances where Sarah’s mother, Divine, has been portrayed in the media as being overprotective and controlling of Sarah’s personal and professional life. Reports have suggested that Divine has played a significant role in Sarah’s career decisions, leading to tensions and disagreements between them.

There were even reports that Sarah’s mother did not accept her husband, Matteo. In fact, in an interview with Boy Abunda, Matteo was questioned about the story that they were allegedly not allowed into the village where Sarah’s parents live when they tried to talk to them.

But in the latest episode of “Marites University,” Rose Garcia, Mr. Fu, and Jun Nardo discussed the alleged reconciliation between the two. “Imagine n’yo, apat na taon na pala simula no’ng makasaysayang wedding nilang dalawa [Sarah at Matteo]. It means 4 years na rin ang pandemic,” Rose explained. “Saka bago sila ikasal naging kontrobersiyal ‘yong mga lumabas na isyu ni Mama Divine,” Mr. Fu added.

“Yes, ‘yon na nga,” Rose said. “So, apat na taon na kung paano ilarawan ni Matteo ay ‘magical’ and ‘unexplainable’ ang 4 years nila na ‘yon. And looking forward siya syempre sa kanilang forever.”

There have been reports that the mother and daughter have been talking again, although Rose clarified that there is no confirmation yet about this news. “Alam din naman natin ‘yong talagang hindi magandang reaksyon. Walang nakakaalam kung sila ba’y nagkakaayos na, nagkakausap na, o talagang totally na walang communication,” Rose said. “Pero ‘yon nga, may nagsabi lang and again ang naging tulay din daw ay si Boss Vic Del Rosario,” she added.

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