Ria Atayde’s Sister Gela Atayde Writes Message To Zanjoe Marudo

Ria Atayde’s Sister Gela Atayde Has This Message To Zanjoe Marudo

RIA ATAYDE – Actress and dancer Gela Atayde gave a message to her future brother-in-law Zanjoe Marudo.

Ria Atayde and Zanjoe Marudo, the most recent celebrities to announce their engagement, shared the news on Instagram. The actress conveyed her happiness by saying, “Forever sounds good,” and included pictures of the couple along with a close-up of the beautiful engagement ring.

Speculations about Zanjoe and Ria’s relationship began circulating in 2022. When questioned about their status, the actress’s dad, Art Atayde, clarified in an interview that he refrains from getting involved in his children’s personal lives, especially in matters like this.

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Sylvia Sanchez, who initially disclosed that Ria and Zanjoe were dating before officially becoming a couple, responded to the engagement news, emphasizing that Ria’s happiness is paramount. In January 2023, Zanjoe confirmed their relationship, stating, “Yes, it’s out in the open now, so yes.”

During the same interview, Zanjoe was asked about marriage, and he mentioned that it was too early to discuss such matters in their relationship. Ria, referring to Zanjoe as her boyfriend, shared that he brings her joy and makes her feel valued as a woman.

Numerous celebrities congratulated Ria Atayde and Zanjoe, and their IG post was flooded with well-wishes. Ria’s brother, Arjo Atayde, and his wife, Maine Mendoza, sweetly conveyed their reaction to the engagement.

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After the announcement, Gela Atayde, Ria Atayde’s sister, took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the engaged couple. She wrote a message to Zanjoe Marudo, expressing her sentiments.

On Instagram Stories, Gela posted a photo of herself with Ria and Zanjoe, humorously advising Zanjoe to take good care of her sister in the on-screen caption.

In the on-screen caption, the dancer and actress conveyed a message to her sister’s fiancé, saying, “Please take care of her, kuya @onlyzanjoemarudo.” Gela added a playful note, describing Ria as “a little fragile and stubborn but she’s ok.” She expressed her love for both of them, exclaiming, “I love you both. So, so, so happy!!! FINALLY!!!!” Gela also noted her disbelief at how time had flown, reminiscing about their days coming home from Poveda in their uniforms.

Ria later shared Gela’s post on her Instagram Stories and added an animated sticker with the text that reads “I love you.”

Photo Source: @ataydegela IG

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