Netizen Shares Inspiring Journey from Vendor to Business Owner

Netizen Earns Praise After Sharing Inspiring Journey from Vendor to Business Owner

A female netizen shared her inspiring journey from being a humble vendor to becoming a successful business owner.

Jhen Aragon-Delfin Llabres, also known as Teacher Jam, recently shared her inspiring life story, narrating her journey from childhood struggles to becoming a successful business owner. The post earns praise from the online community.

Teacher Jam recounted the hardships she and her siblings faced during their early years. Born into poverty, they had to engage in street vending just to put food on the table and afford education.


Despite the challenges, their hard work and determination eventually paid off, leading to a better life.

Jhen humorously recalled that they were always the last choice because they were poor. However, they could be the first choice, especially when it came to chores and responsibilities during special occasions.

Llabres reflected on the harsh realities of poverty, where a single can of sardines had to serve a family of eight.


The netizen also reminisced the time that they were surviving on water spinach and porridge every day. There were times they she needed to collect scrap metal, bottles, and plastics, or work odd jobs while attending school.

Jhen expressed pride in their journey from being vendors to now enjoying the luxury of indulging in cravings without worry.

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Grabe yung pinag daanan namin para ma abot lahat ng achievement namen sa kung ano meron kame ngayon dati puro kame reklamo dahil madaming nangyayaring hindi maganda bakit namen to nararanasan nag sisipag naman kame pero ngayon namen na nauunawaan lahat ng nangyayari sa buhay natin meron reason para ma achieve mo lahat ng meron tayo ngayon




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