Married Couple Quarrels Over Jasmine Tea: “Sino si Jasmine?”

Married Couple Goes Viral for Quarreling Over Jasmine Tea

SINO SI JASMINE? – A married couple goes viral and brings good vibes online for quarreling over Jasmine tea.

Nate and She, a married couple, found themselves in a bit of a quarrel after she suspected her husband of bringing home a certain “Jasmine.” However, it turns out that “Jasmine” is not a person but a type of tea.

The heated discussion between Nate and She arose when she felt a bit of jealousy over the name “Jasmine.” She noticed the name on a tea container her husband brought home and assumed it was someone’s name.

Married Couple

However, it was actually Jasmine tea, not a person named Jasmine.

“‘Pag bibili ka ng tea, pangalan mo nakalagay. Tatawagin Mr. Nathan, Ms, She ganun,” she said.

She admitted that she didn’t initially think of Jasmine tea because she wasn’t familiar with such things, as she wasn’t fond of tea. Even Nate was a bit puzzled when he saw the name Jasmine on his drink.

“Hindi ko siya naisip na Jasmine tea kasi hindi naman talaga ako pamilyar sa mga ganyan-ganyan kasi hindi ako mahilig,” she explained.

So, to clear things up, he went back to the milk tea shop and bought the same tea that caused the misunderstanding.

“Kahit ako rin nagulat din ako at first bakit Jasmine ng aba nakalagay? Tapos noong naalala ko, Jasmine tea talaga ‘yung in-order ko. So iyon, kinulit nang kinulit ko na lang siya,” Nate said.

Married Couple

She confessed that she couldn’t help but feel jealous sometimes, especially since Nate was quite the charmer in their younger days. However, Nate promised that he’s a good boy now, especially with their three children.

Their 18 years of strong companionship, She said, can withstand any flavor of milk tea!

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