Lolit Solis Reacts to Criticisms Directed at Carla Abellana for Pre-loved Items She’s Selling

Here’s Lolit Solis’s response to the criticisms aimed at Carla Abellana for the pre-loved items she’s selling

LOLIT SOLIS – The showbiz veteran, reacted to the criticisms being hurled at Carla Abellana for the pre-loved items she’s selling.

Previously, Carla listed some second-hand branded items for sale, which surprised many internet users. They weren’t just taken aback by the prices but also because some of the items appeared worn-out, almost broken, and dirty.

Carla faced criticism, with some people calling her “dugyot” for allegedly neglecting to clean or repair the items before listing them for sale, especially considering their relatively high prices. Suggestions emerged from netizens that better-quality shoes or bags could be found at flea markets or thrift stores.

During an interview with GMA’s 24 Oras, the actress defended her pricing strategy, emphasizing that she sometimes sells items for less than what she originally paid for them, taking into account their condition.

“‘Di ‘yun totoo, grabe kayo. I would sell something na much less naman than how much I got it for, ‘di ba? Lalo na ‘yung condition niya, depende din doon,” she explained. She further added, “Well, choice naman nila ‘yun if they’re interested or if they want to buy or not.”

Lolit Solis responded to the criticisms aimed at Carla Abellana for the pre-loved items she’s selling. “Salve tawa ako ng tawa duon sa issue ng mga ipinagbibili na items ni Carla Abellana. Iyon bang pinipintasan dahil hindi daw maayos at basta na lang binenta. Hindi ba ganuon naman talaga pag 2nd hand ang gamit,” she said.

“Saka siguro naman tutoo din sinabi ni Carla, iyon bibili naman magdi decide, gusto ba niya o ayaw niya bilhin. Kaya nakakatawa na nagiging issue pa iyon mga petty na bagay. Hindi importante pero siyempre dahil yata sa bored ang mga tao, lahat ginagawang issue. Buti nga sinagot ni Carla Abellana, bongga,” she added.

According to her, it’s typical for second-hand items not to be properly presented and just sold off haphazardly. She agreed with Carla that it’s up to the buyer to decide whether they want to purchase the items or not.

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