Heart Evangelista Reveals Genius Tips On Surviving Competition In Fashion World

Heart Evangelista’s Fashion World Tips

HEART EVANGELISTA – Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista revealed some interesting techniques in the fashion world.

Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco-Escudero a.k.a. Heart Evangelista is a prominent personality in the Philippines, renowned for her achievements as an actress, television host, and artist. For her career, she has attained significant fame and wealth, positioning herself as one of the most affluent celebrities in the country.

Her financial success stems from various sources of income. In addition to her thriving acting career, Heart is recognized for her endorsements and partnerships with numerous brands, both domestic and international. Renowned labels such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior contribute significantly to her extensive portfolio, further enhancing her overall wealth.

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Heart Evangelista’s opulent way of life is apparent through her ownership of numerous properties. Engaging in real estate ventures, which include residential properties and condominium units, has not only provided her with a lavish lifestyle but has also played a key role in consistently increasing her net worth. Heart’s shrewd investments in real estate have proven to be financially rewarding, acknowledging the stability and profitability associated with such ventures.

Recently, the 39-year-old celebrity shared advice on how to navigate and succeed in the competitive world of fashion.

Heart Evangelista
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Although a regular attendee at global fashion events, Heart admitted to frequently feeling intimidated by other fashion celebrities. She shared an intriguing strategy for overcoming this, suggesting a mindset shift away from viewing Fashion Week events as a competition. Heart highlighted her distinct perspective, expressing, “In all fairness to me, I have never seen anyone whose gown I wished to burn. I’m one of the smallest there, and I don’t give off an intimidating vibe. I find enjoyment in it because, even when given a set of outfits to wear, it’s how you wear them that makes a difference. You won’t appear identical to others.”

In instances where the atmosphere seems unfriendly, Heart advises maintaining confidence and assuming a particular character. She recounted interactions with notable figures in the fashion industry, singling out Bella Hadid as notably sweet. Despite not engaging in conversation, Heart remembered a runway moment when Bella, upon catching her gaze, broke character to share a smile. Heart described her as “super pleasant.” Additionally, she commended Gigi Hadid for a similar demeanor, even apologizing when they accidentally bumped into each other. Heart also noted an encounter with Kendall Jenner, portraying her as a genuinely decent person.

Photo Source: @iamhearte IG

Heart Evangelista expressed her gratitude for the attention she garnered, especially from companies expressing interest in her as a brand endorser. She acknowledged not anticipating recognition for her inclination towards frivolity and vanity. The primary lesson she emphasized is the significance of persisting in pursuing one’s passion, as it can open doors to substantial opportunities. This experience serves as validation for her that in challenging circumstances, perseverance is essential, and by enduring, one can overcome obstacles and ultimately achieve success.

“I never thought people would appreciate my kaartehan (being frivolous and vain)! The biggest lesson here is that it’s important to keep doing what you love. This will eventually take you places. It could eventually be something big. This is also proof to me that if you’re in a very difficult situation, just hang in there, and you will survive. You will make it.”

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