Cristine Reyes Rekindles Interest In Dancing & Writing; Discusses Health Issues

Cristine Reyes Reignites Love For Dancing & Writing

CRISTINE REYES – Actress Cristine Reyes reignites her love for dance and writing while also addressing health concerns.

Cristine Reyes, Ara Mina’s younger sibling, has displayed her acting prowess in popular Kapamilya series like “Kahit Isang Saglit” and “Eva Fonda,” solidifying her status as one of the most captivating actresses in the Philippine entertainment scene.

In 2015, Reyes and Ali Khatibi welcomed their lovely daughter, Amarah, and they officially tied the knot the following year on Balesin Island. Despite rumors circulating in 2018, Reyes confirmed their breakup in 2019.

Cristine Reyes
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Recently, Cristine Reyes took part in the Hiraya Wellness Retreat, which rekindled her passion for dancing and writing. The retreat also brought attention to the underlying issues contributing to her health challenges, including disc bulge, alopecia areata, emergency delivery, meningitis, and the early detection of cancerous cells.

During the retreat, Reyes shared video clips capturing moments of her involvement in activities like dancing, meditation, and writing.

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Reflecting on her journey, Cristine Reyes revealed that the retreat served as a sanctuary for self-reflection, allowing her to address the root causes behind her health struggles. The actress attributed these challenges to emotional stress experienced from childhood through adulthood.

Expressing gratitude for the transformative experience, Cristine acknowledged the retreat’s effectiveness in providing mental clarity and revitalizing her well-being. In concluding her message, the actress thanked the retreat for the “remarkable early birthday present” and emphasized her newfound sense of happiness and contentment.

“I am here to share my healing retreat experience with all of you. This retreat has provided me with the opportunity to contemplate on my past, my passion for dance, and my passion for writing.”

“The journey of healing that I embarked on during this retreat has been highly successful. In this peaceful haven, I have come to realize that the challenges I faced, such as my disc bulge, alopecia areata, emergency delivery, meningitis, and early detection of cancerous cells, all stemmed from emotional stress. From childhood to adulthood, I continually struggled to find a safe space. However, I have now overcome these obstacles and found myself dancing, writing, and smiling once again.”

“This healing retreat not only helped me gain mental clarity, but also replenished my energy. When I came here, I had an open mind and heart. I sincerely appreciate this incredible early birthday gift. I am now growing closer to my creator and finding comfort in His guidance. I feel secure and nurtured, as I strongly believe that the universe is supporting me along my journey.”

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