“Christian’s” Sentiment About ‘DINK’ Couples Elicits Mixed Reactions

Sentiment of a self-proclaimed “Christian” about ‘DINK’ couples received various reactions

DINK – The sentiment of a self-proclaimed “Christian” about couples who romanticized the concept of DINK or “Dual Income, No Kids,” yet regarded their cats or dogs as their own children has elicited mixed reactions.

“I saw this video where a couple is basically romanticizing the idea that they’re DINKs (dual income, no kids) but treat their kittens and/or dogs as their own babies and then refer to themselves as “fur parents.”,” the netizen stated in a Facebook post.

The netizen emphasized that as Christians, having children is deemed important because people are created in the image of God. “To that, we (Christians) say, Be fruitful and multiply, make your own babies, leave a legacy, and create human beings that have eternal souls with their own unique characteristics as people made in the Image of God (Imago Dei). Stop roleplaying to be a family; be one,” they said.

Immediately, the post sparked discussions among netizens. The comments reflect diverse views on the matter. Some advocate for respecting people’s choices regarding having children or pets, urging others not to interfere in their decisions. Others express support for those who opt not to have children, suggesting that Christians should focus on growing their own families while respecting others’ choices.

Additionally, there’s a call to uphold free speech and refrain from unnecessary meddling in personal matters. Moreover, there’s a perspective questioning the societal expectation of having children and advocating for having them only if genuinely desired.

Meanwhile, a “dual income, no kids” (DINK) couple refers to a household where both partners are employed and earning income, but they do not have children. This term is often used to describe couples who have made a conscious decision not to have children or who have not yet started a family for various reasons. DINK couples typically have more disposable income and flexibility in their lifestyle compared to couples with children, as they do not have the financial responsibilities or time commitments associated with raising children.

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