‘Beggar’ Discovered to Own a Car Worth P1.5 Million

Authorities discovered that a beggar they caught owned a car worth P1.5 million.

MALAYSIA – A “beggar” from Pahang was found to possess an expensive sports utility vehicle worth P1.5 million.

The social welfare department (JKM) in Maran district, Pahang, found out about the beggar’s scheme at the Sri Jaya night market during their operation. According to The Straits Times report, residents had been complaining about beggars there, prompting action from the JKM Maran team.

The news spread on several Malaysian Facebook pages, showcasing a 45-year-old beggar who owned an SUV worth P1.5 million. Based on information found on social media, the man with short arms, who used a paper bag to collect alms, was disabled. He wore a gray robe and a Muslim skull cap.

The JKM Maran social welfare department’s Facebook post mentioned, “He was holding a paper bag, soliciting sympathy from passers-by. Both of the man’s hands appeared small unlike those of a normal human.” JKM staff tried talking to the man, but he remained silent, leading them to think he might be mute and deaf. However, he suddenly spoke up when asked for ID, shocking those conversing with him.

According to the man, he left his ID in his car, which further surprised the JKM team. But the biggest shock came when a Proton X70 with a price tag of RM123,800 to RM128,000 (approximately P1.4 to P1.5 million) appeared before them.

He reportedly earns up to P5,800 a day. This is in addition to the P5,000 he receives from the social welfare department for being a person with disabilities. The man allegedly claimed that a significant portion of his earnings from begging goes towards paying for his expensive car. In the end, the beggar was not charged as it was his first offense, but he was warned not to beg on the streets there again.

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