“Beauty Queen” Falls in Love With a Delivery Rider

The love story of a “beauty queen” and a delivery rider

VIETNAM – A woman labeled as a “beauty queen” fell in love with the delivery rider who usually delivers the items she orders online.

The love story of Phuong Hien, an office worker, and Chuong, a delivery rider, began four years ago in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Despite the lack of details about her participation in pageants, Hien was labeled a “beauty queen” on several Asian websites. Based on photos, she noticeably possessed qualities akin to a beauty queen.

It was mentioned on the Vietnamese news site VNExpress.net that Hien is a “shopaholic,” often ordering items online. Through her frequent orders and deliveries, she met Chuong. With regular encounters during deliveries, they grew fond of each other and became friends, exchanging greetings each time Chuong delivered.

They began following each other on social media, where they discovered their shared love for online games, eventually playing together. Chuong desired to get to know Hien better, so one day he invited her for coffee. But Hien politely declined, being naturally shy. Nevertheless, it couldn’t be denied that Hien gradually fell for Chuong’s kindness and sincerity. Ironically, just as Hien and Chuong were getting closer, a pandemic struck.

Their mode of communication shifted to texts and phone calls as they couldn’t meet in person. Despite the distance, Chuong consistently expressed his love for Hien. Before long, Chuong’s courtship bore fruit: Hien sweetly said yes. Although there were doubts, especially from the girl’s family, Hien was sure of her decision. She was confident that with Chuong’s patience and sincerity, she would win over Hien’s parents too. In January 2023, their love culminated in marriage, attended by both their families.

Their journey serves as a testament to the power of love to overcome obstacles, demonstrating that no trial is insurmountable for two people deeply committed to each other. Despite the challenges and uncertainties they faced, Hien and Chuong’s love prevailed, leading them to a joyous union celebrated by all who knew them.

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