Albee Benitez Spotted with Ivana Alawi at an Airport

Albee Benitez, the mayor of Bacolod City, was spotted with actress-vlogger Ivana Alawi at an airport.

The two are currently making rounds online due to their rumored romance, which was fueled by their sighting at an airport.

Ivana Alawi and Albee Benitez Spotted in Japan: “Resibo” Goes Viral

Ivana Alawi and Albee Benitez Spotted in Japan

IVANA ALAWI and MAYOR ALBEE BENITEZ – A receipt of their sighting in Japan is making a buzz online.

Ivana Alawi is currently rumored to have a connection with Albee Benitez, the mayor of Bacolod City. Reports initially surfaced from PEP, alleging that the mayor was seen with the actress at an airport, supposedly departing for Japan.

In a YouTube vlog, showbiz insider Ogie Diaz discussed the alleged association between Alawi and the mayor, mentioning sightings of them together on a trip to Baguio. Diaz advised Alawi to address the issue openly to dispel any ongoing speculation.

While the two kept denying any romantic link between them, a video in which they were spotted together allegedly in Japan has gone viral online. In the video, they appeared to be lining up at the airport.

Recently, Ivana Alawi took to her Instagram Stories wherein she left a cryptic remark amid her linking with Mayor Benitez. In a post, she wrote: “A Clear Conscience Laughs at a False Accusation.”

Mayor Albee Benitez previously addressed the controversy through an official statement on Facebook. He acknowledged his professional engagements with various celebrities, considering it part of his business. Despite rumors linking him to Ivana Alawi, he emphasized his commitment to serving the interests of Bacolod City.

“As for recent personal matters, I kindly request understanding and respect for privacy to shield all innocent parties involved. In my private capacity as a film and TV program producer, my professional interaction with various celebrities is inherent to the nature of the business,” he noted. “At this moment, my primary focus is on safeguarding the interests of Bacolod City,” he added.

Aside from Ivana Alawi, Bacolod City Mayor is also linked to Vivamax star Angeli Khang. As of press time, Ivana, Angeli, and Mayor Albee have yet to issue any clarification on rumors linking them.

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