SSS Calamity Loan Requirements 2024 Member Must Submit to Apply

Guide on SSS Calamity Loan Requirements 2024 for Member Application Process

SSS CALAMITY LOAN REQUIREMENTS 2024 – On the list here are the documents required in applying for the Social Security System Calamity Loan offer.

In the Philippines, there are state entities that have ready offers for their members in case the wrath of natural disasters leave the people in certain areas home less or losing their source of income. One of these entities is the Social Security System or more popularly called SSS.

SSS Calamity Loan Requirements 2024 for Application
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The SSS has millions of members across the nation. Most of the employees of private companies and businesses in the country are mandated to maintain active accounts to the state-run social insurance institution. It has several offers including loans and benefits.

Social Security System
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Aside from the benefit offers of the Social Security System which can attend to situations such as maternity, disability, sickness, unemployment, etc., the state-run social insurance institution has three (3) main offers — SSS Housing Loan, SSS Salary Loan, and the SSS Calamity Loan.

The Calamity Loan offer was designed to help the members who are living or working in an area declared under a State of Calamity. Here are the SSS Calamity Loan requirements in terms of eligibility for application to the loan offer:

  • at least 24 monthly contributions posted in SSS account with three (3) contributions posted within the last 12-month period prior to the month of filing of loan application
  • not more than 60 years old at the time of filing of loan application
  • not a recipient of any final SSS benefit nor was refunded SSS contributions
  • must be up-to-date in the payment of all other existing loans with the SSS

With regards to the documentary requirements for the SSS Calamity Loan application, there is a difference on the documents required between the member-applicant filing the loan application and the filing being processed by an authoritized representative.

Here are the required documents if the SSS member himself/herself will file the loan application:

  • one (1) copy of the SSS calamity loan assistance application form
  • original copy of barangay certification
  • original copy of valid ID

In case the SSS loan application will be filed by an authorized representative which usually happens in the case of overseas Filipino worker (OFW) members, here are the documents needed:

  • one (1) copy of the SSS calamity loan assistance application form
  • original copy of authorization letter
  • original copy of barangay certificate
  • printed scanned copies of valid ID/documents of the OFW or seafarer member
  • original copy of valid ID or document of the authorized representative

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