Netizen Faces Backlash for Belittling Delivery Rider Eating Kanto Fried Chicken

Netizen Receives Criticisms for Belittling Delivery Rider Enjoying Kanto Fried Chicken to Ease Hunger

DISCRIMINATION – A male netizen faces backlash after belittling a delivery rider enjoying ‘kanto’ fried chicken.

Ghian Dian, a Facebook user, shared a photo of a Lalamove rider indulging in kanto fried chicken. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and elicited reactions from the online community.

In the photo, it can be seen that the rider is enjoying the street-style fried chicken. However, Dian belittled the rider for eating such stuff and even questioned the dietary choices of delivery riders.


Some expressed shock and disapproval, questioning the dietary choices of delivery riders who, according to the post, consume street food daily.

Here is the full post:

“Ganito pala ang kinakain ng mga patay gutom na lalamog riders araw araw, mas ok pa yung sardinas keysa sa ganito, kaya pala karamihan sa inyo mga malnourish. Tpos popost kayo ng kita nyo kada araw kakahiya naman!!!”

(This is what hungry Lalamove riders eat every day. Sardines are better than this. No wonder many of you are malnourished. Then you boast about your daily earnings. It’s embarrassing)

In another post, a raging customer disrespects delivery rider for making him walk to pickup order

This incident raises concerns about online shaming and the need for empathy when discussing the circumstances of individuals working in the delivery industry.

Many netizens criticized the judgmental tone of the post, emphasizing the importance of understanding the challenges faced by delivery riders.

Delivery riders play an important role in ensuring that people receive their orders promptly, often working long hours to meet the demands of their jobs.

However, the post seemed to cast judgment on the dietary choices of the delivery rider without considering the circumstances that may cause such decisions.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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