Kylie Padilla Admits She Has Been ‘So Afraid Of Life’ After Breakup With Aljur Abrenica

Kylie Padilla: “Ever since my separation with my ex I have been so afraid of life”

KYLIE PADILLA – The actress admitted that she has been “so afraid of life” after her breakup with actor Aljur Abrenica.

The actress gave an update on her Instagram broadcast channel where she opened up about how her breakup with her ex-husband affected her.

She shared that she realized so much during her recent trip to Japan. According to her, she has been “so afraid of life” ever since her breakup with him as she’s afraid of relaxing and letting go of her grip on control.

Kylie Padilla
Photo: Kylie Padilla / Instagram

Kylie also said that she didn’t know how much single parenthood scared her, adding that having two young children rely on her “while you are falling apart is so much pressure”. She, however, is proud of how far she has come despite bursting at the seams.

2024 is here and I think I can afford to calm down. Since abundance is my mantra this year, maybe the lesson is the more you let go then the more you can accept into your life. More help, more calmness and more smiles rather than overthinking,” the actress said in her post.

The actress ended her post by telling the public that she’s loved, okay, and supported.

It can be recalled that Kylie broke up with Aljur Abrenica in 2021. Following the breakup, the actress and their sons Alas and Axl moved into their new home.

Aljur admitted in an interview on “Toni Talks” uploaded last April 2023 that he cheated on Kylie. At that time, the actor said that they did their best in order to save their marriage but it didn’t work.

Meanwhile, Kylie said in an interview on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” aired last November 2023 that she wished she left some for herself because she gave her all in their relationship.

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