Faith Da Silva Reveals She Had “Imaginary Father” When She Was Younger

Faith Da Silva: “Kapag pinapagalitan ako ng mama ko or meron akong kaaway, ganyan, kinakausap ko ‘yung imaginary father ko.”

FAITH DA SILVA – The Kapuso actress recently revealed that she had an “imaginary father” when she was younger.

The actress is set to star in the upcoming Kapuso fantasy series titled ”Encantadia Chronicles: Sang’gre” alongside Bianca Umali, Angel Guardian, and Kelvin Miranda.

Faith appeared on Friday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where she opened up about her life as a child of former actor Dennis Da Silva, who is currently in jail.

Faith Da Silva

At one point, she revealed in an interview with Boy Abunda that she had an “imaginary father” whom she would talk to whenever she got scolded by her mother when she was younger.

She also shared that her mother would always tell her growing up how much her father loved her, and that she was a daddy’s girl. However, she said she questioned that because she didn’t have any recollection at all as she was just one-year-old when her father left.

‘Yung pagmamahal ko sa kan’ya, it felt like I was really seeking for it,” the actress said in an interview. “Parang feeling ko hindi siya normal tapos hindi ko din siya shine-share sa ibang tao.

The actress admitted that she also had a phase when she would ask a lot of questions. Although she said she really wanted to be with her father, Faith said she respected the fact that her father also had another family.

She also narrated how her father first asked her for forgiveness and even shared that she was surprised by how he asked how they were doing. According to her, their conversation lasted for two hours and it was difficult for her to say goodbye.

Faith shared that her father’s last message for them before they parted ways again was “Mag-iingat kayo, mga anak. Mahal na mahal kayo ni papa.

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In the same interview, the actress said that she originally planned for their reunion to happen on her birthday in April, and in fact started planning for it early last year. She then admitted that she wasn’t sure the visit would even take place because it was taking a long time and they all got busy.

But then it transpired, as she and her brother Silas reunited with their father ahead of Christmas last year. She then shared that she still has mixed emotions about their reunion, saying it felt good and she was in her father’s arms for the first time in her life.

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