Faith Da Silva Opens Up About Reunion With Father Before Christmas

Faith Da Silva: “I became really emotional when I was able to hug him”

FAITH DA SILVA – The actress opened up about her long-awaited reunion with her father, former matinee idol Dennis Da Silva.

It can be recalled that Faith posted a photo with her father and her brother Silas on her social media account last week. In the caption, she expressed her gratitude to Kim Atienza and Police General Gregorio Catapang for making it happen.

In an interview with The Philippine Star, the actress said that they were supposed to meet this first quarter of 2023 – either for her birthday or her father’s birthday – but it didn’t push through because of their schedules. Faith was born in April, while her father was born in February.

Faith Da Silva Dennis Da Silva
Photo: Faith Da Silva / Instagram

The meet-up took place five days before Christmas, as seen in a post on Sparkle GMA Artist Center’s Facebook page. Faith’s fellow “TicktoClock” host Kuya Kim Atienza played a part in it.

According to the actress, her father and Kuya Kim have been friends as they had a conversation a few years ago. She added that ever since she has worked with Kuya Kim, they have been talking about it for a long time.

Faith also said that she’s just blessed that she has worked with Kuya Kim and it’s a blessing that he’s friends with PGen. Gregorio Catapang, adding that she believed God found a way to make everything possible. The actress acknowledged with a grateful heart the kindness and goodness of those people and God.

Faith Da Silva
Photo: Sparkle GMA Artist Center / Facebook

According to a report on The Philippine Star, Faith and her brother were off to meet their father and they were given two hours to patch things up, to start again, and to put the past behind them as well.

I think I also needed to be with my brother. It was not easy, ang bigat siyempre sa loob, because imagine meeting someone for the first time, the first impression, (and the questions like) how will I introduce or open up myself to him?” she said. “But everything became smooth. I became really emotional when I was able to hug him, iba pala talaga yung pagmamahal ng tatay.

The hug served as the introduction between the three of them.

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Faith also shared that her father was happy and smiling, adding that they thought it was going to be awkward at first but the visit allowed her to see that they’re similar in some way. She also said that she loves to talk like her father and she saw his effort to get to know her and Silas.

The actress added that it was hard for them to start the conversation at that time, but her father made an effort to start the conversation and to ask. She also shared that her father would quickly break the silence and talk to her if there was silence in between.

When she was asked what’s next after the pre-Christmas Day visit at the Muntinlupa City Jail, the actress said that she wants to establish a parent-and-child relationship with her father and a good relationship with her father’s wife and children.

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