Christine Dacera’s Mom Shares Activities of Foundation Established in Memory of Daughter

Sharon Dacera on Christine Dacera Foundation: “Maraming salamat po sa patuloy ninyong suporta sa amin”

SHARON DACERA – The mother of Christine Dacera shared the activities of the foundation established in memory of her daughter.

Three years after the untimely passing of the flight attendant on the early hours of New Year’s Day, her mother, Sharon Dacera, conveyed a message of gratitude to those who have steadfastly supported her family and the foundation established in memory of her daughter.

In a Facebook post, Sharon shared photos capturing the activities of the Christine Angelica Faba Dacera Foundation, which she established in 2022 to assist the less fortunate. Sharon expressed her love for her late daughter. She is confident that their mighty God is consistently great and benevolent. Sharon and her family surrender everything to Him for justice, continually praying for Aica.

Sharon believes that God works in mysterious ways, using individuals with compassionate hearts as instruments to inspire their unwavering faith. Through faith, Sharon acknowledges that God alone possesses the power and strength to navigate all challenges and facets of life in the world.

Sharon added, “To everyone who continuously showing your love, support and who keeps praying and helping us too with our good will of charity for our dearest Aica, maraming salamat po sa patuloy niyong suporta sa amin, we can’t do this alone po.”

Recalling the sorrowful events of 2021, Christine was discovered unconscious in her Makati hotel room after celebrating with friends and acquaintances. Initially, suspected foul play proved to be inaccurate. Eleven men present before her death were considered “persons of interest,” but charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence. It was later confirmed that Christine had suffered from an aneurysm or abnormal, potentially dangerous bulging or ballooning of a blood vessel caused by a weakened vessel wall, with the risk of rupture and severe internal bleeding.

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