Carmina Villarroel to Twins Mavy and Cassy: “Hindi kami mga kontrabida ng buhay niyo”

Here’s the message of Carmina Villarroel to twins Mavy and Cassy

CARMINA VILLARROEL – The actress became emotional as she delivered a heartfelt message to her kids, Mavy and Cassy Legaspi during an episode of “Sarap, ‘Di Ba?”

Tearfully, Carmina expressed her happiness that they are back and mentioned that she had kept quiet for many years. Despite being accused of meddling, she asserted that being their mother gives her the right to care.

Addressing the accusations, Carmina stated, “Hindi ko alam bakit sinasabi nilang bakit nangingialam ako, but I don’t care because I am your mother.” She clarified that if she had intervened, the current situation wouldn’t have unfolded, emphasizing that she chose not to interfere.

Carmina Villarroel assured her twins that she will always defend them, declaring, “I want you to know, the two of you, that I will do everything and anything para sa inyong dalawa.” She emphasized the unwavering support of both her and Zoren for their children, emphasizing their love and stating, “We always want what’s best for you guys. Hindi kami mga kontrabida ng buhay niyo, kakampi niyo kami.”

Reflecting on the challenges they faced the previous year, Carmina expressed gratitude for the strength they found within each other. She shared that, despite facing criticism, their family prefers peace and love. Carmina expressed her wish for her kids to find inner peace and joy.

On their 23rd birthday, Mavy and Cassy received special greetings from friends in the industry, including Darren Espanto. Carmina and Zoren also reminded their children about the importance of maintaining a positive image despite potential attempts to tarnish it.

The Legaspi family is currently engaged in various projects, with Carmina Villarroel starring in “Abot-Kamay Na Pangarap,” Zoren participating in “Black Rider,” and the twins hosting the GMA Network noontime show, “Tahanang Pinakamasaya.”

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