Skusta Clee Dragged Into KathNiel Breakup

Singer-rapper Skusta Clee dragged into the breakup of KathNiel

SKUSTA CLEE – The singer-rapper whose real name is Daryl Ruiz has been dragged into the breakup of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla popularly known as KathNiel.

This comes after social media personality Xian Gaza pointed out that when Daniel Padilla, who is considered attractive, was involved in an issue, people were more lenient in their judgment, particularly focusing on Andrea as the target of criticism. However, when Skusta Clee faced an issue, the public had a more critical and outspoken response.

“Nung nambabae si Daniel Padilla, ang inatake niyo ay si Andrea. Hinusgahan niyo buong pagkatao nung bata. Hindi niyo mapagsalitaan ng masama si DJ porke pogi. Pero nung si Skusta Clee ang may issue eh kung anu-ano mga pinagsasabi niyo,” he said.

In the comment section, Xian admitted that he is guilty of this as well. “Aminado ako, napagsalitaan ko rin ng masama si Skusta noong mga panahong hindi pa kami tropa. Pero ganun din naman ako ngayon kay DJ. Walang pogi pogi sa akin,” he said. “Sa mga curious kung ano ang itsura ni Skusta Clee sa personal, siya po ay mabait,” he added.

Xian even mentioned Skusta’s personal Facebook account, “Daryl Ruiz hugs brother mishu.” The rapper has not responded, reacted, or made a statement about this.

Meanwhile, before Kathryn and Daniel confirmed their breakup, Xian Gaza had been posting hints that they had already parted ways. Eventually, KathNiel made a confirmation that it was over between them after being together for more than 11 years.

It was on Thursday, November 30, when actress Kathryn Bernardo confirmed the end of her long-time relationship with her boyfriend Daniel Padilla. Sharing throwback photos and a heartfelt message on Instagram, she captioned it with “Chapter closed.” Daniel, in a subsequent Instagram post, shared a photo with Kathryn, expressing the significance of love in life.

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