Rizal Day 2023: VP Sara Duterte Urges Youth To Follow Rizal’s Passion To Gain Knowledge

RIZAL DAY 2023 – Vice President Sara Duterte urged the youth to follow national hero Jose Rizal’s passion to get knowledge.

In her message for Rizal Day on December 30, 2023, the Vice President said that Rizal continues to be a guiding light for all Filipinos and an inspiration to the youth. She also said that the national hero’s life was a testament to the power of courage in the face of adversity.

The Vice President went on to remind Filipinos of their duty to uphold Rizal’s values and to also work tirelessly for the rights and dignity of those marginalized and underrepresented. She also urged Filipinos not to confine Rizal’s legacy to history books.

Vice President Sara Duterte Rizal Day 2023 Message

Rizal Day 2023: PBBM Urges Filipinos To Show Genuine Love Of Country

President Bongbong Marcos on his message for Rizal Day 2023

RIZAL DAY 2023 – President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. urged Filipinos to imitate national hero Jose Rizal and to show genuine love of country.

On Saturday, the President addressed the nation on the 127th anniversary of Rizal’s martyrdom, emphasizing the national hero’s enduring influence and the relevance of his values in the present time.

Also, the President highlights Rizal’s lifelong dedication to the Philippines and urged Filipinos to emulate his commitment to excellence and love for the country. He also called for a deep sense of ownership and patriotism.

PBBM Rizal Day 2023

In his message for Rizal Day on December 30, 2023, the President said that Rizal’s influence could still be felt even in this day and age and more than a century since his death.

The President then urged Filipinos to strive to walk with the same purpose, passion, and nationalism in every endeavor “so we may overcome all the challenges that stand in our way towards achieving a brighter tomorrow”.

According to the President, Jose Rizal’s martyrdom consolidated the Philippine independence movement, which later gave rise to the birth of the nation. He also pointed out that Rizal’s patriotism started even while he was young.

PBBM Rizal Day 2023 Message

December 30 is a regular holiday.

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Before 7:00 am on December 30, the President laid a wreath at the monument of Rizal in Luneta Park in Manila. The military band played the “Pilipinas Kong Mahal” hymn as the President walked toward the monument and followed by a gun salute.

The event was attended by the First Family, AFP Chief General Romeo Brawner Jr. and other military officials, local officials led by Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna, Cabinet members, and members of the diplomatic corps.

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