Herlene Budol Breaks Silence on Alleged Private Conversation with Rob Gomez

Here’s the reaction of Herlene Budol to her alleged private conversation with Rob Gomez

HERLENE BUDOL – The beauty queen-actress has broken her silence on her alleged private conversation with Rob Gomez, her co-star in the now-defunct GMA afternoon series “Magandang Dilag.”

The two are creating a buzz online due to their now-deleted conversation, which was uploaded on Rob’s Instagram account. It can be deduced based on the conversation that there’s a connection between them and that they are secretly seeing each other.

Aside from Herlene, their Magandang Dilag co-star Bianca Manalo is also implicated in the issue, appearing to have a secret connection with Rob based on the screenshots that have emerged. It is suspected that Rob’s former partner, beauty queen Shaila Rebortera, uploaded these screenshots without Rob’s permission.

Through her Twitter account, Herlene quickly denied the issue. She said she is not surprised to be the subject of gossip again, as she has been falsely rumored to be pregnant several times before.

In her consecutive tweets (published as is), she wrote, “Bakit ako nakaladkad? Showbiz nga talaga! Pag dedicated ka sa trabaho gagawan ka ng issue! Dati asa #wowowin gumawa ng issue na buntis daw ako. Ngayon naman sa #MagandangDilag may issue uli na buntis ako uli? Ano susunod? Sa #BlackRider mabubuntis ako uli?”

Regarding this issue, Rob sent an official statement to PEP.ph on Wednesday night, December 20, 2023, regarding the unauthorized posts made by his estranged girlfriend Shaila on the actor’s Instagram account. Rob stated that Shaila took his phone without consent and allegedly pretended to be the mother of his child.

Meanwhile, apart from Herlene Budol and Bianca Manalo, former Star Magic artist Pearl Gonzales was also dragged into the issue. She even deactivated her Instagram account following the spread of her alleged conversation with Rob.

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