GSIS Loans 2023 — Full List of Loan Offers for Members

Guide on GSIS Loans 2023 for Qualified Members

GSIS LOANS 2023 – Here are the loan offers that are up for the members of the Government Service Insurance System.

Are you one of the members of the Government Service Insurance System or about to be one? It is a giant social insurance institution in the Philippines with several loans and benefit offers for its members.

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Maintaining an active membership to the Government Service Insurance System requires a regular posting of monthly contributions. It is usually automatically deducted from the monthly payroll of the government offices.

GSIS Loans 2023
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An active and updated account to the GSIS can qualify a member to the different GSIS Loans 2023. Here are the offers and a preview of each loan offer:

One of the GSIS loans is the GSIS Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus that aims to help the members consolidate their multiple loans under a single offer waiving off the penalties and surcharges. It is open for members who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • regular active members (permanent and non-permanent)
  • with at least 15 years of periods with paid premiums (PPP)
  • has no pending administrative or criminal case
  • not on a leave of absence without pay
  • with a net take-home pay of not less than the amount required under the General Appropriations Act

The said loan offer consolidates the following loans:

  • Salary Loan
  • Restructured Salary Loan
  • Enhanced Salary Loan
  • Emergency Loan Assistance
  • Summer One-Month Salary

In times of calamities, members of the Government Service Insurance System who are living or working in areas declared under a state of calamity may apply for the GSIS Enhanced Emergency Loan. Here are the qualifications under this loan offer:

  • resides or works in a calamity-declared area
  • in active service
  • not on a leave of absence without pay
  • has no arrears in the payment of the mandatory social insurance contributions
  • no default loan

Members of the state-run social insurance agency who are insured under the Life Endowment Policy (LEP) and the Enhanced Life Policy (ELP) may apply for the GSIS Policy Loan offer. The qualifications and all the other loan details depend on which policy a member is insured under:

Also one of the GSIS loans 2023 is the GSIS Pensioners Emergency Loan. It was designed as an option that the pensioners can turn to for aid when their place is struck by natural disaster leaving it in a state of calamity.

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