Feng Shui Expert Reveals ‘Color Of The Coming Year’ In Welcoming 2024

Feng Shui Expert Master Hanz Cua on welcoming 2024

COLOR OF THE COMING YEAR 2024 – Feng Shui expert Master Hanz Cua recently revealed the ‘color of the coming year” in welcoming 2024.

Master Hanz revealed lucky colors, rituals, and fruits in welcoming the New Year in an interview in Mandaluyong City last December 26, 2023, according to a report on Manila Bulletin.

At one point, Master Hanz said he urged people to wear red in welcoming the New Year because red symbolizes “luck and wealth”.

Feng Shui Expert Reveals ‘Color Of The Coming Year’ In Welcoming 2024
Photo: Master Hanz Cua / Facebook (via Manila Bulletin)

Master Hanz also said that people can also wear violet in welcoming 2024. According to him, violet is the “color of the coming year”.

Wear red in welcoming the new year because it symbolizes luck and wealth,” Master Hanz said in an interview. “In welcoming 2024, you may also wear violet, the color of the coming year.

To recall, Pantone Color Institute announced that Peach Fuzz is the Color of the Year for the year 2024. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the company, said that it was a careful selection in picking for the name of the hue because it’s the “tactile aspect of the color” which Pantone deems very important as well as the color’s vision.

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When it comes to rituals in welcoming the New Year, Master Hanz Cua said that people should make some noise in order to rid the place of evil spirits or bad luck.

The Feng Shui expert added that people should also declutter their house or apartment and make sure that the rice, sugar, and salt containers are full. He even encouraged people to open all the lights in welcoming the New Year, hang lucky charms, put money in their cash boxes, and also make amends with enemies as well.

When it comes to fruits, he said that the “luckiest fruit” among the 12 lucky fruits in welcoming 2024 is pineapple “but you should not display the pineapple.”

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