Faith Da Silva Reveals She Doesn’t Have Childhood Pictures With Her Father

The pictures Faith Da Silva and her father had from the visit were their first after many years.

FAITH DA SILVA – The actress revealed that she doesn’t have childhood pictures with her father, former matinee idol Dennis Da Silva.

According to her, her father was able to take care of her between her and Silas. She also said that her parents separated after Silas was born and she had one year to be with her father.

The actress shared that her mother went to Japan for a few months after giving birth to her. She was around 2 years old at that time and her mother was supportive of the idea of her meeting her father.

Faith Da Silva
Photo: Sparkle GMA Artist Center / Facebook

Faith also said that her mother would encourage and tell them to visit her father at the Muntinlupa City Jail and get to know him. According to her, her mother didn’t say anything negative about her father while she and her brother were growing up.

She said this when she was interviewed by the Philippine Star where she opened up about her long-awaiting reunion with her father before Christmas.

When she was asked what transpired during the conversations between her, her brother, and her father, Faith described it as “mahaba-habang pangungumusta”. She added that her father supports her to finish her senior high school studies and is also aware of her career in the showbiz industry.

The Kapuso actress could have even asked for details regarding the past, but she decided not to dwell on them as it was more of acceptance on her part that he’s her father. She also had the chance to know about her father’s case and status, allowing her to understand the plight of people deprived of liberty (PDL) and their families.

One of the biggest blessings I’ve received this year ay yung mga bagay na pinaghirapan ko, yung mga bagay na hindi ko mabibili ng pera,” Faith said.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Star asked her what she was thinking on her way to Muntinlupa City Jail where her father is.

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In response, she said that as an actress, most of the time, she has this thing of playing different scenes in your head like if she has work a day. She also said that it was her way to cope with the situation, adding that she was trying to get herself ready for what might happen.

It can be recalled that talk show host Boy Abunda announced on last week’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” that Faith and her father have finally reunited after 20 years.

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