Ellen Adarna Reveals She Feels Anxious After Husband Announced Her Miscarriage

Ellen Adarna: “The day he told me that he mentioned me and talked about it, it actually gave me anxiety”

ELLEN ADARNA – The actress recently revealed that she felt anxious after her husband Derek Ramsay announced her miscarriage.

Speaking to her fans through the Q&A feature of Instagram Stories, the actress expressed her feelings upon knowing that her husband revealed that they lost their baby. She noted that it gave her anxiety.

According to her, she had no plans to announce her pregnancy but her husband “can’t shut his mouth”.

Ellen Adarna Derek Ramsay
Photo: Ellen Adarna / Instagram

Ellen also said that the day Derek told her that he mentioned her and talked about her miscarriage, it gave her anxiety. The actress also said that her plan is that she’s not going to tell her husband when she gets pregnant.

The day he told me that he mentioned me and talked about it, it actually gave me anxiety, ’cause, oh my god, why? So my plan is that when I get pregnant, I’m not going to tell my husband,” she said.

She said this after Derek revealed during the media conference of his Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) film “Kampon” earlier this month that his wife suffered a miscarriage. At that time, he said that it’s their first attempt to make a baby and they will try again next year.

Meanwhile, Derek said in an interview with PUSH during the MMFF Parade of Stars event that he’s already looking forward to starting off 2024 as it is another chance for him and Ellen to grow their own family.

He, who is set to leave the country during the holidays to spend New Year in Norway with his wife and her side of the family, also revealed that they’re leaving again in February for their anniversary trip to Antarctica.

We’ll be in Antarctica, just the two of us. So maybe we’ll produce an ice, ice baby,” he said.

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