Derek Ramsay Reveals Ellen Adarna Suffered Miscarriage: “We lost the baby”

Derek Ramsay: “At least nalaman namin na hindi kami baog.”

DEREK RAMSAY – The actor recently revealed that his wife, actress-model Ellen Adarna, suffered a miscarriage.

He revealed this during a media conference for his upcoming horror film “Kampon” on Monday, December 11, 2023. “Kampon” is one of the official entries for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

According to the actor, he played the role of a husband whose marriage is strained due to his impotence.

Derek Ramsay Ellen Adarna
Photo: Derek Ramsay / Instagram

Derek shared in a media conference that he and Ellen found out that she was pregnant when they were in Spain. However, the actor said that his wife experienced spotting and unfortunately lost the baby when they returned to Manila.

According to the actor, it’s their first attempt for him and his wife to make a baby and they will try again “next year”. The actor went on to assure the public that his wife remains in good health.

Tumatanda na tayo so akala ko baog din ako, pero noong nasa Spain kami, nalaman namin na preggy si Ellen. And then unfortunately we lost the baby pero at least nalaman namin na hindi kami baog,” the actor said. “First attempt pa lamang namin na gumawa ng baby. Ellen is okay. We will try next year.

Derek also said that he has always loved kids and he’s very close to his wife’s son Elias, adding that “everybody’s wishing for a girl” for them and he’s leaning towards having a baby girl. He also said that he’ll probably be protective as a father but he wants to be the best father he could be.

The celebrity couple got married in November 2021. Ellen Adarna has a child with former partner John Lloyd Cruz, while Derek Ramsay has a son with former wife Mary Christine Jolly.

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Derek and Ellen earlier said that they wanted to have a baby this year. The actor said that his Christmas wish is to have a baby girl soon.

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