Crew Going Around to Find Customers for Chowking Has Resigned

The service crew who went viral after seeking customers for the fast-food restaurant Chowking has resigned.

Shella Mae Camao Ongcay, the crew, took to social media to bid farewell after being with the company for 1 year and three months.

Chowking Crew Taking Orders Outside Store in Davao Resigns

The crew of Chowking taking orders outside the store in Davao has resigned

CHOWKING – The crew member from the fast-food restaurant, who gained social media attention for offering products outside the establishment, has decided to resign.

Jover Laurio, the founder of Pinoy Ako Blog, revealed that despite the fast-food giant’s claim that the crew was not terminated amidst the controversy, Shella Mae decided to resign from Chowking. Shella Mae clarified that her resignation was not influenced by any pressure from the restaurant but was a personal decision made by her and her family to explore other opportunities.

In the meantime, Laurio extended an offer to Shella Mae to join a different company where she wouldn’t be required to sell products outside. However, some netizens expressed skepticism about whether Shella Mae truly resigned voluntarily, suggesting that the management might have compelled her to do so.

Shella Mae addressed the doubts, stating, “I resigned po, not because I’m guilty no. It’s my decision and my family to resign the company, to move another opportunity.” Despite the uncertainties surrounding Shella Mae’s resignation, there has been no official statement from Chowking as of the current writing.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Shella Mae Camao Ongcay took to the social networking site Facebook, where she posted a farewell message to Chowking SM Davao, where she had worked for one year and three months.

To recall, Chowking, a popular fast-food chain recognized for its blend of Chinese and Filipino dishes, generated online attention when some netizens voiced dissatisfaction with one of its branches regarding a video of a crew personally delivering orders on foot.

As per the crew, she was directed by her manager to do so to boost sales. Additionally, she disclosed that if she opts to use public transportation for deliveries, she would have to cover the expenses herself, as it is not reimbursed by the company. The video elicited varied reactions from netizens, with some expressing disappointment towards the branch and the manager who instructed the crew member to actively seek customers.

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