Bianca Manalo Earns Support of Boyfriend Sen. Gatchalian Amid Linking with Rob Gomez

Actress Bianca Manalo earned the support of her boyfriend, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, amid her linking with Rob Gomez.

On Christmas Day, Gatchalian expressed his support for Manalo, stating that he would always stay by her side.

Gatchalian Amid Issue of Girlfriend Bianca Manalo: “I will always be by your side”

Gatchalian expresses support to Bianca Manalo

WIN GATCHALIAN – The senator expressed his unwavering support for his partner, Bianca Manalo, who faced controversy due to leaked conversations with Rob Gomez.

Gatchalian dedicated a heartfelt message to Manalo on Instagram, assuring her of his steadfast presence despite the alleged cheating rumors. In the post, the lawmaker promised to stand by Manalo, declaring, “To @biancamanalo, my 2023 Christmas gift to you – I will always be by your side.”

To recall, Gatchalian remained unconvinced by the rumors involving his longtime girlfriend and dismissed them as “fake news.” The controversy stemmed from leaked conversations between Manalo and Gomez, posted on Gomez’s social media page, leading to criticism from netizens. The conversation suggested early morning meet-ups and hinted at possible infidelity, although parts of the dialogue were conspicuously deleted.

“Kaya mo pumunta that early? 7am? Brought my dogs here sa Makati. Let me know para I can go back to bgc early to see you before I leave at 10am. He’s not here. He’s in Valenzuela,” Manalo allegedly told Gomez. “You didn’t reply on telegram. Meron ka nanaman na pick up na ibang girl noh,” she added.

In response, Bianca Manalo clarified that she had invited Gomez to receive Christmas gifts, emphasizing their friendship and professional relationship. She expressed dismay at the breach of privacy and the resulting online backlash, noting the intentional deletion of parts of their conversation to create misleading insinuations.

Apparently, some netizens did not buy her explanation. Others were questioning why he would spend time giving her a gift. “Why would he spend time giving you gift? Are you that special ba talaga? Driving over going to your place. Sorry and letting him know that your partner is not in your place,” a netizen noted.

Meanwhile, aside from Bianca Manalo, two women were implicated in having an affair with Rob Gomez; beauty queen-actress Herlene Budol and former Star Magic artist Pearl Gonzales. Hipon Girl has already addressed the issue except for the latter, who chose to reactivate her Instagram account to avoid bashing.

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