Bea Borres Issues Apology for Being Insensitive About KathNiel Breakup

Bea Borres, the best friend of Andrea Brillantes, issued an apology for her insensitivity regarding the breakup of KathNiel.

In a now-deleted video posted by Boss Toyo on Facebook Reels, Bea claimed that she was the reason behind the breakup of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Andrea Brillantes’s Best Friend Bea Borres Apologizes for Being Insensitive Over KathNiel Breakup

Bea Borres Issues Apology For Being Insensitive

BEA BORRES – The best friend of Andrea Brillantes took to social media to apologize for being insensitive over KathNiel breakup.

It was just recently when Bea appeared on Boss Toyo’s Pinoy Pawnstars, where she sold her collection of Snoopy. In the end, she was able to sell her collection for only P3500.

However, Bea Borres earned the ire of netizens due to another video uploaded by Boss Toyo himself on Facebook Reels. In the video, she claimed that she was the reason behind the breakup of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, popularly known as KathNiel.

Bea Borres

In the said video, Bea was laughing out loud as she pointed to herself as the reason why the showbiz couple, who had been together for more than 11 years, broke up. As a result, netizens criticized her, with some calling Andrea Brillantes’s best friend “insensitive.”

Although the video has already been deleted, some social media users were able to secure a copy of it and upload it on various platforms, including X (formerly known as Twitter). After facing backlash, Bea issued an apology via Facebook.

“I am sorry for any offense I may have caused for appearing in a video on Boss Toyo’s page. I acknowledge that it was very insensitive of me. I do ask for people to remember not to judge me and my whole being based on that short video,” she said.

“When I shared my sorrow about my father’s death anniversary on November 30, he faced a level of disrespect more than I could ever have imagined. Nonetheless, I apologize for my behavior and strive to do better for all those who are with me in this journey. I would also like to thank all those who continue to support me despite my own mistakes, and hope that we can be better people together,” she added.

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