Alora Sasam Issues Apology After Facing Backlash Due to “Insensitive Joke” About KathNiel Breakup

Amid the breakup of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, Alora Sasam posted a joke that offended KathNiel fans

ALORA SASAM – The Kapamilya actress apologized after receiving backlash from netizens due to her “insensitive joke” about the breakup of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

On Friday, December 1, 2023, Alora posted a photo of her and Kathryn on X (formerly Twitter). The now-deleted post showed Kathryn hugging Alora with a speech balloon that said, “Shot puno mamaya. Bawat tumakas.” She added: “Pwede iwan ko na lang atay ko? Balikan ko bukas.” In the caption, it noted: “December 1: Philippine National Shot Puno Day.”

Many netizens, especially KathNiel fans, did not like Alora’s joke. Some expressed dissatisfaction, emphasizing that this wasn’t the right time to make light of Kathryn and Daniel’s situation. They criticized Alora for seemingly celebrating the breakup.

One netizen tweeted, “alora posting a meme a day after kathniel confirmed their breakup while everyone is saddened. shows how insensitive she is. kay lang sana if hindi naman sya kilala but she’s literally one of kath’s friends. feels like she’s celebrating the break up or smthn.”

Another netizen said, “the fans are well aware that the world won’t stop just because we’re hurting but please lang, have some little kindness and be sensitive enough. 12 years ‘to, alora!! 12 freaking years!! parang di naman nag grade 2 dyan.”

Alora quickly apologized to Daniel and Kathryn’s fans whom she offended. She acknowledged her mistake, stating, “Hello po, sorry, insensitive joke po. Mali ako. Di na po mauulit. Sorry po. Deleted na po.”

To recall, it was on November 30, 2023, that Kathryn and Daniel consecutively posted on Instagram to announce the end of their eleven-year relationship. In their statements, they thanked each other for their years together, not only as a couple but also as the KathNiel love team.

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