SSS Benefits 2023 — A Guide for Members on Offers You May Avail

List of SSS Benefits 2023 for Members & their Features

SSS BENEFITS 2023 – Detailed below are the benefit offers of the Social Security System for its qualified members.

The Social Security System, more commonly called the SSS, is a state-run social insurance giant in the Philippines with millions of members. In the country, most employment fields and companies in the private sector require an SSS membership from its employees.

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The SSS membership is also open for self-employed individuals, qualified overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), as well as individuals who want to make a voluntary membership to the state entity. Members who main updated accounts may avail the SSS benefits 2023 which you can check below.

SSS Benefits 2023
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The SSS Unemployment Benefit 2023 offer is designed to help the members in times of losing job due to an involuntary cause or a reason that is not within the control of the member. It aims to financially assist the member during the weeks or months of being still in search for a new job.

One of the SSS benefits 2023 is the SSS Sickness Benefit 2023. It aims to provide a financial solution to the members in times of sickness that leave them unable to report to work for at least four (4) days.

For female members of the Social Security System, in times of childbirth, you may file a claim for the SSS Maternity Benefit 2023. It was designed to help members of the government-run social insurance institution financially during weeks or at least a month of not being able to report to work for the childbirth and to take care of the newborn baby afterwards.

When an unfortunate incident leaving an SSS member with disability takes place, the said member may file an SSS Disability Benefit 2023 claim. It aims to financially help members who cannot anymore work due to the disability incurred.

Also one of the SSS benefits 2023 is the SSS Death Benefit 2023. It benefits both the member and his/her family members. On the part of the member, it is an assurance that the family will not be left with nothing if he/she dies. In the case of the family, they have something to turn to for financial assistance while coping for the loss of a loved one most especially if the deceased SSS member is the breadwinner of the family.

When an SSS member dies, his/her family or anyone who paid for the funeral expenses may file a claim for the SSS Funeral Benefit 2023. Make sure to keep all the invoices and receipts of the fees paid for the burial of the deceased SSS member.

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