Sparkle Artist Shuvee Etrata has a “Revelation” About Joshua Garcia

Shuvee Etrata has something to say about Joshua Garcia

SHUVEE ETRATA – The Sparkle talent made a “revelation” about Joshua Garcia during her guest appearance on The Boobay and Tekla Show last Sunday, November 5, 2023.

During their guesting on TBATS, Shuvee and other Sparkle stars, namely Angel Leighton and Roxie Smith, had to answer a question in the “Guilty or Not Guilty” segment. The question was whether they had rejected a celebrity. It was clarified that it didn’t necessarily have to be someone who courted them. It could be someone who gave hints but got ignored or wasn’t acknowledged.

Roxie was the first to answer, mentioning that “Kit Thompson” messaged her but she chose to ignore him. Shuvee then revealed that the person she ignored was from Unbreak My Heart and mentioned the name “Joshua.” It was pretty clear that she was referring to Joshua Garcia. However, she didn’t elaborate on how she ignored him.

Photo Source: @garciajoshuae IG

On the other hand, Angel Leighton mentioned that the person she ignored was also from Unbreak My Heart, actor Will Ashley. For Noel Ferrer of PEP Troika, Shuvee Etrata should bring out evidence since there were rumors about Joshua swirling around. As of press time, Joshua Garcia has yet to issue any statement regarding the rumors.

Meanwhile, Shuvee Etrata is a Kapuso talent who’s popular on TikTok with 2.3 million followers and 50.1 million video likes as ‘smilingshuvee.’ Her distinctive features—upturned eyes, pointed nose, and morena skin—captivate her fans and distinguish her as an artist.

She was part of ‘Hearts On Ice,’ the country’s pioneering figure skating series. Born and raised in Bantayan Island, Cebu City, the 20-year-old is pursuing a Physical Therapy degree at Cebu Doctors University. Shuvee is a Kdrama enthusiast, admires Alden Richards, and idolizes Cha Eun-woo.

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