Solenn Heussaff Shares Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside Casa SosBolz 2.0

Solenn Heussaff: “Slowly getting there”

SOLENN HEUSSAFF – The celebrity mom recently shared a sneak peek of what’s inside their new home, SosBolz 2.0.

The actress and content creator released a vlog on her YouTube channel where she announced that she and her family finally moved into their new home after 7 years of living in their old house.

In her YouTube vlog titled “We are finally moving in :)”, Solenn shared the journey her family undertook before they’re finally settling into their new family home.

Solenn Heussaff
Screenshot from Solenn Heussaff’s video on YouTube

From packing up things at their old house to transferring everything to their new home, the celebrity mom learned a lot and shared some helpful tips to her viewers on her vlog. She went on to give her viewers a glimpse of various areas within their new home. This includes the rooms, common spaces, and the staff quarters.

Aside from this, she also captured precious moments of her daughter Tili’s first visit to their new home and the entire family moving in on September 8.

I used to do the moving in myself but we were just two but now that we have to move in kids and staff, it’s a little harder because there are more things,” Solenn said in her vlog.

The celebrity mom ended her vlog by sharing that her daughter Maëlys’s room is the only one fully completed in their new home. However, she said that she’s eager to share a house tour soon .

It can be recalled that she and her husband Nico Bolzico started building their dream home in 2021.

At that time, Nico said that they were “very excited” because this was “the first time we’re gonna build anything in our lives” and their dream house was a “reflection of our marriage” because 95% of the decisions were made by his wife.

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